Silver Youth

A one-act play based on the short story by Nate Nelson.  Train tracks and rivers provide pleasures of youth, and unfortunate tragedy, as told by an old man reflecting upon a time when children used imagination, and not technology, to fill the days of summer.  Appropriate for high school audience and above.

Bobby and Jen

A one-act play about two college friends who reflect upon their past four years together, who fret their future, and regret missed opportunities.  Appropriate for high school and college audiences.

Half a Bike

A full-length play based upon the book “It Comes From Within: Living with Bipolar Illness” by Michael Solomon with Gloria Hochman, published by Shorehouse Books 2018.  This play is an honest depiction of characters who struggle and triumph with an oppressive mental disorder.  This play is designed to inform and educate, as well as hopefully entertain, the audience.  It is also ripe for a question and answer session with Michael Solomon, whom the lead character is based, following the conclusion of the play.  Appropriate for college audience and above.

Gluten-Free Phish

A one-act play where the Feeding of the Multitudes meets jam-band Phish meets the bizarrities of the year 2020.  Appropriate for college audiences and above.